Who Even Reads this Anymore ?

Photos by Travis Alex

I feel like the death of stylebynathalia is coming... Not in a bad way more of a figurative death. IDK I just feel like who even reads this anymore? 

In many ways I only ever wrote this blog for myself, so I can go back and read it in the future; thats literally one of my favorite things to do; read this blog. I feel like I leave myself lil reminders here and there of who I am and what really matters to me because it is easy to get lost in the ether but reading my own words always helps me change perspective. or maybe return to perspective? again IDK. The older I get and the more I live the more I realize that IDK many things and IDK about a lot of things and thats really exciting because there is so much out there to get to know. 

Endings are good because it means new beginnings.



Nathalia JMag 


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