I've been MIA but for good reasons, with all the work I have keeping up with the blog is hard and its specially harder because I don't know if I want to keep stylebynathalia or start a new blog about sustainability, and finding the balance between maximalism and minimalism. I can start talking about those things here but I came up with sucha cool name for it "THE MAXIMAL MINIMALIST" I even made an IG account for it and everything. But even after making it an IG account I still dont know what I want to do and I cant commit !!!! !!wedsklhfgsdlkfhds I am so indecisive sometimes, I also change my mind a lot so I have been going back and forth. The pros of starting a new blog is starting clean from zero and developing a new aesthetic beginnings and new things are so exciting for me and thats kind of why I want to do it. The cons is i would have to let stylebynathalia go and IDKKKK if i can do that, this blog has almost literally been my diary for the past few years with the exception of leaving out somethings because you know we all need a lil mystery.


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