Vegetarian and vegan journey update

My vegetarian journey started when i was about 13 year old and decided to stop eating pork, one because I thought they were so cute and two because pork made me sick. Actually one time it made me so sick I almost died, I was hospitalized for three days and after that I couldn't eat pork anymore. At the time I didnt know I was embarking on a vegetarian journey I simply couldnt look at pork without feeling sick because of what I went through. When I was 17 I had severe stomach issues, I had already been hospitalized several times for my severe stomach aches and I had to get an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. YES ! I got a colonoscopy when I was only 17 years old. The results were devastating I had an inflamed colon, gastritis and some other stuff I dont remember. I was prescribed Omeprazol, I was supposed to take one everyday ! I was so upset I remember just really hating my life and asking myself whyyyyy at this point I didnt know the link between my health and what I was eating.

As a teenager I had really shitty eating habits although I stopped eating pork I was still eating all kinds of trash, my diet consisted of BK, pizza and coxinhas; a brazilian fried food. I was so sick I was always getting stomach aches and I was always constipated sometimes a week would go by and nothing. After getting my diagnosis my doctor instructed me to eat less trash; at this point my diet changed slightly I started eating less trash and more fruits and veggies but I was still far from healthy eating. About six months after getting diagnosed with all those things I decided to stop taking the omeprazol because in my opinion it made me feel shittier because it made my constipation worse at the same time I decided to quit red meat all together. This is when good things started to happen; I started having less stomach pains and was not as constipated. At this point I was still eating chicken; my diet was still heavily animal based but I was certainly getting better. I noticed that the days I skipped meat all together my constipation got better so I started slowly eating less and less chicken.

Shit really got good when I quit chicken, nearly all my stomach problems went away within months, I was still periodically eating fish but for the most part I was 95% vegetarian. When I realized that my animal based diet was what was making me sick I was upset I didnt have this realization sooner but I was also happy that I was finally free from all those stomach problems. Its been a few years since I've been a vegetarian and I have never felt better, Im so excited to go 100% vegan because I know for a fact I am going to feel even healthier. I quit dairy and eggs slowly as well first i cut milk out, then cheese and now eggs. Its been about a month since I have gone completely vegan and I feel amazing ! My stomach problems went about a few years ago from quitting meat but I have always struggled with acne, now that I'm not eating any animal products my acne has gone away completely!! What was causing my acne was 100% dairy products because it started slowly going away a few days after I quit dairy and now a month later I have only a tiny pimple but it's hormonal. I'm not an extreme person I try to always strike a balance in my life, everything in moderation. I decided to be vegan for three months before i decide whether or not I will stick to it. I'm already a thin person and I am afraid of loosing weight I like my weight/body exactly how it is so if i start loosing weight i will incorporate eggs back into my diet and I will only buy eggs from local farms if I do that. I decided to go full vegan not only for my health but also because I love and care about animals and I dont want to contribute to an industry that kills, tortures and abuses them. 

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Nathalia JMag


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