In Bloom Collection Behind The Scenes

photos by Peoneemoullpech

This collection is my baby ! I worked on it so hard and it truly is a little piece of me. Every collection I create I'm revealing a piece of me a look into the worlds I hold in my head.  In Bloom is my favorite collection I have ever created. I feel like I am giving everyone a piece of my sub-conscious with this one. it was inspired the spring specifically by flowers "In Bloom" and by femininity. I have always drawn inspiration from nature for my color schemes so I naturally gravitate towards the colors of flowers, roses and the sky. For this collection I wanted to stick to using different hues of pink. This is my first collection that is truly feminine, I have always drawn inspiration from menswear to create my collections but this one I wanted it to be extremely feminine so I used feminine silhouettes. In light of current events and women's rights being threatened by those in highest power I wanted to create a collection for women and inspired by women. Throughout the collection you can subtly see the inspiration in the collection.

thanks for reading :),



Nathalia JMag


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