Collaboration Collection with cosmic unicornz Pop Art Photoshoot

Hair and make up by me !!! :D 

WOW I cannot believe that this is my first 2017 post !!! I am actually really disappointed in myself that I have neglected my first born baby this much to not have made ONE post in January. I have a lot of content to share but I have been so busy creating that content and creating new collections that I didnt make time in between to write any posts. But I digress in life I have learned that you cant dwell in the past and in what you did not do or could of would of done so moving forward I am going to try to blog more constantly.

Since my last life update post I have done three fashion shows and created two collections. I was nominated and won the Boston fashion award for best casual/sportswear designer. It was an honor to receive such recognition in Boston, I love this city so much and I always felt like I didn't fit in so to get recognized and win the nomination was a dream come true ! I also had the honor of showcasing my laced up and strapped in collection at the BFA. I then showed the collection again plus some looks from my Genesis Collection at the liberty hotel fashionably late fashion show. Showcasing at this event was also a huge accomplishment for me because I tried to do this show since my senior year in college and I never even got a reply so I was extremely happy to be able to do this show. I was also told by someone in the industry when I was in college that this show was only for "established designers"... yeah so I am now an established designer by those standards. The last show I did was just a couple days ago, I showcased my In Bloom collection. I did this alongside my fellow project runway cast member Cornelius Ortiz, and four other local designers. Despite the disorganization of the show and people not being able to get in because the venue was at capacity the show was a success ! I feel like I came full circle with this collection but that story is for another blogpost that I promise will come sooner than later. 

Now onto THIS collection, I took long to post about this collection because I wanted to use these photos for it and although I had to wait sometime to get these photos back from the photographer they were absolutely worth the wait ! I designed this collection in collaboration with cosmic unicornz; I created all of the pieces and Melissa painted on them. This was a really fun collaboration because Melissa is an amazingly talented and nice person, we truly vibed and this is what we came up with ! We had a rave queen in mind when designing and I'm pretty sure a true rave queen can be caught in all of these looks. I feel like as a designer I have all of these different sides and this is my more wild, colorful, crazy and funky side. I want to be able to express myself artistically in as many ways as possible and I want to show all my different perspectives. I feel like as a designer people are always trying to put you in a box and I refuse to be put in a box, I like to design all kinds of different things. I dont just want to be this kind of designer or that kind of designer, I want to be able to create all of the beautiful things that I imagine. Theres this JMag world in my head and all of these different girls and boys with distinct styles live in it and I am designing for them. 

thanks for reading :),



Nathalia JMag


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