West Coast Adventure





I spent the first few weeks of October traveling around the west coast and it was amazing!!! We started in Los Angeles and then we went to Las Vegas to celebrate my husbands birthday, we only stayed a three days because if we learned anything from our last vegas trip is that three days is enough. After Vegas we went to San Francisco where we spent a few days with Jenni and Alex from Project runway  Season 15! We then decided to unwind from our trip in Denver, Colorado. Denver is so beautiful and very relaxing. We also got to experience first hand what is coming to Massachusetts! we hit up a couple dispensaries and it was a serious culture shock but really cool. actually we had never been to cali or colorado before so a lot of the stuff we saw was strange and complete culture shock. In SF it was really interesting to see all of the hippies in Haight St, it was literally like the movies haha it was super funny ! Bruno and I were just like really amazed by it and then jennis all like oh yeah they just sleep in the street. we also saw a lot of homeless people in LA and it was really sad, theres homeless people in Boston but not nearly as many. My favorite part of LA was little tokyo they have the cutest shops and really good sushi restaurants. 

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