Genesis Collection Conception

Writing this blogpost from the west coast !!! I am so excited to be here, I spent about a week in Los Angeles and now I am exploring San Francisco, tomorrow I am heading to Colorado, I've been having so much fun and thats why I've been a little MIA. I've been trying my hardest to record my trip as much as possible so expect an adventure blogpost ! In the meantime here are some photos of the first 13 looks of my genesis collection.

 A couple weeks ago I showcased the first 13 looks of my Genesis Collection. I drew inspiration from many places for this collection but my main inspiration were barbie dolls and porcelain dolls. I also drew some inspiration from pop culture and whats happened in my life the past couple of months. My color palette was inspired by this beautiful sunset I saw a couple months ago that consisted of beautiful pastel blues and pinks as well as deep blues and tans ! In addition I was inspired by feminism and female empowerment. The Pastel goth movement also had great influence on this collection and also collections past. When designing a new collection I always want to try new things and be inspired by new experiences and innovate but I also use my past collections as a guide and I also draw inspiration from them. I strive for each collection I create to be better than the previous collection. I often draw inspiration from mesnwear and I wanted to try something different and draw inspiration from womenswear over the past few years. growing up I was obsessed with barbie; I had dozens of them and houses, cars and tonsss of clothes and shoes ! I loved playing dress up with them, I think my love for fashion definitely stems from my love of barbies and how I always wanted to look like one and its probably the reason why I'm obsessed with pink ! Although this collection features many jackets and coats I wanted to keep the color palette light and airy like that beautiful sunset. I tried to strike a balance with the silhouettes and kept the jackets and coats slightly over sized but balancing them out with some tighter pieces. I really love creating over sized pieces, I'm still trying to figure out why but i think its because I love volume and layering and oversized pieces are the best when it comes to layering ! This collection consists of another 13 looks which I will be creating when I get back from my October travels :). 

This fashion show was styled by Yenifer Ubiera the harnesses & chokers were made and designed by Mulan Duong from Melanoir

ashley Molina from Americas Next Top Model

^^ photos by Emily Bryn


Runway photos by Jay Laumour


  1. Thanks for the story, I wanted to attend that event too.

    1. thank you ! i have a show coming up in January stay tuned !


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