Nathalia JMag Editorial

Photography by Jessica Tiffany
Model Zara 

So excited to finally share these photos with the world !!! I did this photoshoot a couple of months ago but I wasn't able to share it because these photos were submitted to be published in a magazine. Now I can share them and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as we did creating them! At first I debated a little bit on whether or not to share them because some people can be weird about nudity but in my opinion nudity is art and these photos are art. You know it's really annoying someone reported one of these photos on FB and got it taken down but this is my blog and I can post whatever I want. Nudity is beautiful, an art form and it's part of fashion. When we first set up this photoshoot we literally had no idea it was going to end up being nude. We were at the studio talking about how most of my garments are see through when Jessica had the idea of shooting Zara nude and we all loved the idea so decided to go this route. I had been wanting to shoot my see through garments on a nude model for a long time so it all just happened naturally like the universe set this photoshoot up for me. I love when the universe does this; I get an idea and it stays in my head for a long time and then I kinda forget about it but then all the right people and situations start to happen to bring that idea to life. Situations like that prove to me that we do create our life after all. Of course just thinking about something wont materialize it but thinking about something you want and taking steps to get closer to that goal will certainly get you what you want even if it's something wild and difficult to attain. Thought is nothing without action though, an idea is shit if you don't act on it but it is golden if you do act on it. That's also something else that I learned the key to getting what you want is acting on it not merely wishing and hoping and planning but acting; DOING. So go out there and take the steps necessary to do what is that your heart desires and I promise you that if you work towards that desire and you put in the time and the action you will attain whatever it is you desire.

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