Threw the Looking Glass Editorial


Photography by Kay Piazza

aaaahhh ! so excited to finally share this collaboration with the most awesome and creative people ! If you follow any of the people above then you've already seen it, we shot this before I went off grid and I'm glad to finally share it here on the blog. I've been working with Kay for a while and when I met her studio mate I was like "OMG she would be awesome at styling a shoot with my designs". I asked her and she said yes ! It all fell into place so smoothly too, I was looking for an androgynous male model for this shoot and there David came along, I also had wanted to shoot with Jaida for a while and I wanted Dayana to be part too. I had also been talking to the HMUA about collaborating for a long time so all of the people I needed for this shoot just lined up and showed up just at the right time to create this magic. So this is the child we birth that day we all got together ! 

thanks for reading,



Nathalia JMag


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