Metamorphic Blur

I took these photos before going away but in strange way they describe my away experience. It all felt sort of surreal in a metamorphic way like the blurry photos going from something to something else; something new. Like shifting dimensions, growing and transforming from one thing to another. It's crazy how connected everything is and how time might actually in a strange way be linear like my camera, my husband and I knew that the weeks to follow were going to be a metamorphic blur.  How truly magical are we that our higher self knows exactly what is coming before it appears. You know like that amazing feeling you get that doesn't let you sleep right before you embark on a new journey it isn't mere coincidence its just life and how it unfolds. Everything and everyone are truly connected, no matter how hard we try to deny it, unsee it or dismiss it we are all connected to each other to the earth and the universe. It truly amazes me how we go about our lives making selfish decisions which are okay because its part of surviving but besides the point, we go about our lives sometimes never realizing and seeing all of the synchronicities unfolding before our eyes. Every single being we ever encounter in our lives is put there to teach us something to show us a part of us we don't want to see; they're all mirrors. That is also why the way others treat you has nothing to do with you and all with whatever internal battle they might be fighting. Regardless of the interactions since we are all connected we cross paths to learn from one another and whether you choose to learn from those who are put in your path is all up to you. I choose to see the magic, to see the synchronicities and to learn from those that I encounter.

These photos also inspired the name of my latest collection which I'm going to be dropping later this summer and it's name is "Metamorphic Blur" and it will be a depiction of my summer 2016 experience.

Please stay tuned for more on this collection and others I'm working on as well as many projects coming up this summer like more youtube videos yayyyy !

::::: Outfit Deets :::::

t-shirt: basically vintage ZARA because I bought it like five years ago, its still my fave
Hat: Free People
Shoes: Adidas Originals
Cardi: Urban Outfitters

thanks for reading :)



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