Life Update

Hello my loves !!! I'm back and with a vengeance. I was spiraling into an unknown dark abyss for the past few weeks without the internet (specifically social media) and being away from home which gave me a whole new perspective in life. I've had a lot of time to think, re evaluate and reconsider and I have to say I have grown a tremendous amount. I got to know myself better and I have a new found love for life. It is true, the magic only happens when you're put out of your comfort zone. comfort zones are cute and easy but nothing EVER grows there. you want to grow? throw yourself into something new,  do something scary,  do something daring, do something crazy, do something you've never done before. 

I've grown in leaps I feel a new understanding of life coming over me, I've always been open minded and understanding but I feel as open minded as ever. I've come to the realization that life is not always black and white, it is one big grey area most of the time depending on the perspective you look at it from. For the most part black and white only exists in our minds what one may think is white another may think its black because life is lived through ones perspective and it is extremely subjective. although I always try to be objective because thats part of being open minded. I learned you cant blame someone for the way they are because everyone is a product of their environment everyone is the way they are because of the multiplied effect of all of their life experiences. It's easy to get caught up and judge people but at the end of the day no matter how much judgement you pass on someone they will never seize to be who they are.  

Another thing i learned is that the best way to face the shit life throws at you is by building an empire with the bricks thrown at you. You have to take the positive and the negative in with a graceful and beautiful attitude. Don't forget that you're a seed and when people try to bury you thats when you grow the most. 

thanks for reading,



Nathalia JMag

PS. stay tuned have a lot of dope shit dropping soon :)


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