Do you go to the Fashion Industry to Die?

these are photos from my senior collection taken by Stephanie Larsen refer to this post for direct links for the models.

I was watching an interview for Style Like U, a channel that features people stripping down to their underwear and speaking about their insecurities, that really struck a cord in me. One of the interviews I watched featured a "recovering designer " which I think it's a BS term because once a designer even if you quit you will never cease to be a designer but besides the point. Anyhow it was really funny and real, one of the things she said was "I thought if you were that creative with clothes you'd go to the fashion industry but you actually go there to die". I don't agree 100% with her statement I think there is room for everyone in the fashion industry but the mainstream fashion industry is very kind of cookie cutter which stifles creativity. You're kind of stuck in this place where you want to be creative and try new things but then you have to remember you also have to be marketable and not stray too far from the norm. clearly I don't give a fuck, I stray from the norm because I cant stand it, why even go into a creative field if you have to fit this mold, thats not creative at all ! That is like the antithesis of creativity; be creative but not too creative like wtf is that even? I guess during fashion school I was in denial but all the signs that I was going into a cookie cutter industry were there; in order for you to pass your shit had to look like the shit that the professors showed us as examples and if it didn't if it strayed to far from the norm then it was no good. I have always been a rebel though I like to know the rules so I can break them right. Now that I'm out of school and on my own I'm doing things my way and it may not be mainstream it may not be marketable but its me and what my heart is telling me to do. I don't think I have gone into the fashion industry to die, although I am an out of the box designer and thinker I'm here to flourish. Some people let others bury them with their disapproval but for me it is motivation, I am the kind of person who builds with the bricks thrown at her and I use the shit thrown at me as fertilizer.

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