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I think the most important thing in life is to be yourself, no matter what your doing or what industry you're in being yourself should be your number one priority. It's easy to get distracted and question yourself; specially in todays world with social media and all the comparing people do, but it is so important for you to always remember who you are. I cannot stress how important it is to be yourself; all of the most important and influential people in the world are important and influential because they are themselves and it is their authenticity that attracts other people. Pretending to be something you're not might fool some people for a little while but you'll never fool yourself. I don't mean this post to sound preachy in a sense I'm kind of talking to myself. Working in fashion can sometimes make you question who you are, sometimes I find myself questioning my style and my design aesthetic but then I realize that the main reason why I love fashion is because I can express myself! Not everyone will get it but there is those people who get it and that is why I love what I do, I do it for the misfits and the freaks like me.

Fashion and specifically design are about innovating and trying new things. When I design I dont ever want to design something that has been made before (granted sometimes I might without trying because of the mass consciousness but thats besides the point) I want my designs to be new, innovative, funky and fun not boring and bland.

You'll never be able to put me in a box and that is both my blessing and my curse. People love to put others in their perfect little boxes; like you're this kind of designer and this your genre and you're this kind of blogger and this is your genre and I'm like "NO FUCK THAT, I'm going to do whatever the fuck I want in any genre I want and if I want to flip flop between genres and even create my own I fucking will!  People always want a straight and narrow answer when they ask "what kind of designer are you?" or "what kind of blogger are you?". It's like well I design all kinds of different shit and I blog about random shit I want to blog about. typically it is not the expected answer and I'm met with more questions or a confused face. I'm used to the disapproval and the confusion, I have always been different and have always stood out no matter how hard I tried to fit in. As a teenager and a child I thought it was horrible that I was basically alone and there wasn't other kids like me but as an adult I think that is what gives me my edge; Im different and I love it and I embrace it and I intend to continue to create everything to mirror myself. My label is and will always be different and a representation and extension of myself.

Remember it is always better to be yourself and have no friends, than to have friends but no self.

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