Intergalactic Warrior Princesses Lookbook part 2

Photography by Salwa Galal

HMUA by Sharr
HMUA by Candace

Models Me :D HMUA Jay
Dayana Karis Hair by Jay MU by Candace
Destini HMUA Sharr
Sabrina HMUA Sharr

So excited to share part 2 of the intergalactic warrior princesses lookbook !!! YAY ! I'm so happy with the way these photos came out I feel like they get the vibe of my collection so well;  something otherworldly, phenomenal and different. Dayana looks so powerful in the maxi see through jacket I cant get enough of it !! I have to say my favorite photo from the whole shoot is definitely the first photo, I'm not wearing the YRU platforms in it because we were literally climbing on these huge scary rocks and basically I didn't want to die. I love it because it's Dayana and I and Dayana has been with me since I started designing she has always believed in me and has helped me so much that we have became great friends; she is indeed my muse. I know that she will always come through for me and that I can basically dress her in ANYTHING and she will kill it; she's such an amazing and versatile model. 

Looking at these photos I'm so grateful for how far I have come and all that I have done and accomplished, although I have SOOO MUCH more to learn I'm still very proud of myself. I used to put myself down but I see how far I have come with this blog and as a designer and I am truly happy with my career right now. I am specially grateful for all of the people who have helped me along the way either by lifting me up or putting me down. I always learn something from all my interactions whether they're positive or negative. From the positive I have learned that there will always be people who will believe in you even when you dont believe in yourself. If you really look then you will find people who want to help and uplift you, it's easy to get stuck in that mentality that people are selfish and out to get you but honestly that is not the case. I also came to realize that it is true we attract what we are so if those are the people you are encountering then its time to look within, are you being selfish and not helping others? From the negative I learned that even from a sour experience you can gain knowledge and come out on top. Negative experiences don't have to breed negativity, I practice building with all the bricks people throw at me. Yes it hurts at first but instead of getting bitter you get better. 

I also learned that people will pretend to love you if they think you have something they can get or take. They're not loyal to you but to their need of you and what you can offer to them and once they take what they want from you they're true colors show. 

I learned that you're going to encounter both types of people but it is up to you who you engage and let in your life. No matter who they are friends, family etc you do not need to engage them they do not deserve to be a part of your life. Obviously at some point you will make the mistake of letting a toxic person in but that is when you take that experience in and you learn from it and you become a better person. I am grateful for the people who have hurt me because they have taught me exactly how and who I do not want to be. 

This might all sound like some jibber jabber and motivational speak type shit but I am being 100% clique sayings and all ! If you're reading this I hope you have an amazing summer, I will be taking a hiatus but I will be back more inspired than ever !

Thanks for reading,



Nathalia JMag 


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