intergalactic Warrior Princesses Lookbook Part 1

Photography by Kane Photography

HMUA by Sharr
HMUA by Candace

Models Me :D HMUA Jay
Dayana Karis Hair by Jay MU by Candace
Destini HMUA Sharr

I wanted to write a creative story to attach to these images but it was taking too long for the story to come so I just decided to share the images. The inspiration is obviously there, these photos make me think of intergalactic princess warriors ! but thats basically as far as I got in my story haha. I guess I'm not feeling as inspired at the moment but it also takes me sometime to write a good story so I'm just going to save the story for later. 

The hair and Make up direction was all thought out by the hair and make up artists that I collaborated with for this shoot. Jay who was the HMUA who did my hair also picked this epic location, I really love the result of this shoot ! To be honest at first I didn't know how I felt about the hair and make up on me but the results are epic and I'm happy I went through with it and did it without complaining. I honestly think it's so rude and unprofessional when a model complains about hair make up and/or wardrobe choices that when I model I never want to be that girl. 

I also love going places with crazy hair and make up like this people always look at me like im crazy (more than usual) and always whisper and stare lmao. I just think it's so funny, like they've never watched a movie or picked up a magazine like hello it's fashion look it up. 

I will be posting daily this week but come the weekend I wont be posting for a few weeks; I'm going on a social media cleanse and unfortunately my blog counts as social media therefore I will be going on a little bit of a hiatus but its going to be good because when I come back I'm going to be wicked inspired and maybe ill even write that story to attach to these photos :). 

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Nathalia JMag


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