FUTURE Collection Editorial

Photography by Kay Piazza
HMUA+Designs by Me :)

Every time Kay, Dayana and I come together we create magic and this is the proof of it ! :D

The writing in this post in going to sound a bit of like a rant if you want to learn more about my inspiration behind this collection check out this post.


People have all these little boxes that they like to group people in and I feel like everyone is constantly trying to put me in their boxes. To their misfortune I don't fit in a box you cant put me in a box and I refuse to be put in a box.

In design school I was always pushed to be a "certain kind" of designer, or have a certain design aesthetic. There was always all these boxes I had to pick from and I could only pick one. That drove me crazy ! I didn't just want to choose one box, I wanted to try what was in all the different boxes. I don't just want to design Ready to wear, I don't just want to design sportswear or just outerwear or just for men or just for women I want to design for whoever I want and design whatever I want. Now I understand that the boxes are there for a reason; so as students we find ourselves. But still I shared the same sentiment I did at the time now, I was always thinking "Don't put me in a box!"

This feeling dates back to high school and even middle school, I always found myself having to pick and choose. People always wanted me to be only one thing or whatever made sense to them. This is why I have always loved being different and being a rebel, standing out and surprising people.

I finished design school but it seems that till today people are still trying to put me in a box. The great part is that I'm a contradiction, a weirdo, different, versatile and multi talented. I don't mean to sound full of myself; I know what I can do and what I am capable of and it isn't just one thing. I love being a designer but I also love being a blogger, a writer, model, stylist and creative director. I also want to learn how to do other things I want to learn how to do make up, edit photos and paint better; I dont call myself a photographer or MUA or painter because I don't yet have those skills sharpened but when I do then I will add those to my list.

And then there are all of the blogging boxes; lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food, travel etc etc. So I always get the "what kind of blog do you run?" questions and I never really know how to answer that question I usually say fashion and lifestyle blog. But I do not want to put my blog in a box either just like I dont want to be in a box. I like to write about a lot of different things in my blog posts.

I used to get so frustrated when reading self improvement books and listening to motivational speakers when they say "choose one thing, one path". You know the inner rebel inside me was like NO, Im going to be a blogger and a designer and a model and a stylist and no one is going to tell me I cant do all of them. With time I realized that although I didn't choose one thing everything I love to do and I'm good at is related to fashion therefore I guess I did choose one thing. Regardless I'm not in a box, I'm boundless and free and I will continue to grow and sharpen my skills as a designer, blogger, writer and model. I will also continue to pursue all of the other things that I want to learn how to do. I don't believe in living a linear life; I want to do many things and be many things and I want to continue to live outside box.

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