European Wax Center Strut 365 Product Review

While at the European Wax Center in Framingham I picked up some products from their strut 365 collection. I got the Cheeky Strut body wash and body lotion and the BROWFECTION Brow Powder duo. I absolutely love the three products that I got. The smell of the cheeky strut body wash is intoxicating (in a good way) it smells amazing and will make your whole bathroom and room smell like it too. My husband also loves the smell of the body wash and lotion on me so that's a plus ! I also love how the body wash has exfoliating beads that are gentle enough to exfoliate everyday. the dual action cleanser calms and nourishes the skin while helping prevent ingrown hairs and slowing down regrowth in between waxes.

the cheeky strut body lotion also smells amazing and it's very moisturizing. It's ultra hydrating and fast absorbing restores skin as well as nourishing it. The lotion is also formulated to help prevent ingrown hairs and slow down regrowth between waxes. It has been four weeks since I waxed and the hair has barely grown, its amazing ! 

the browfection brow powder duo is amaze balls ! I am literally obsessed with my eyebrows and eyebrow products in general so I've tried everything from Anastasia Beverly Hills to the MAC products and everything in between and this powder is by far my favorite powder. I'm usually not a big fan of powder to fill in the eyebrows but I absolutely love this one it matches my eyebrows perfectly and its a really good and creamy formula although it is a powder. I got the darkest Tawny/Ebony color because I love for my eyebrows to look strong and powerful. I also love it because it is smudge-proof and can be applied both dry or wet for a more dramatic look. This brow powder duo is available in three shade combinations and the brow experts at the European Wax Center in Framingham can help you pick your perfect shade !

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*This post was brought to you by the Framingham European Wax Center
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