Styling PUMA Fierce Core

Photography by my amazing husband

Happy Friday the 13th !! Growing up I was a sneaker head but after high school I kinda ditched my sneakers for high heels and oxfords, but during college I started to value comfort more than looking good so I started to go back to my sneaker head roots. It's so crazy how what I like and my style are constantly changing! Like at the beginning of college I was all about looking good even if I wasnt comfortable but now I am the complete opposite I wont wear something unless it is comfortable. Comfort has actually become my number one priority when shopping and getting dressed. Yeah its awesome when you look good but it really sucks when you feel uncomfortable. I've finally found a balance between the both, I'm walking the line between comfort and looking fashionable and ofcourse bc of this I started incorporating sneakers back into my shoedrobe. These PUMA Fierce Core the "Kylie Jenner" sneakers are literally my current favorite, they're super cool ! I wish I picked the black ones because they would of lasted me longer but this black and white combo is my favorite of the five colors. Since ever has been my plug for dope sneakers and shoes ! Be sure to check them out if you haven't already. 

I styled the sneakers with these TOBI high waisted shorts and fringe cropped sweater. I added the black crop top under the sweater because it's really low cut and I really love the way it peeks through. I wore the lace shorts under the tobi shorts because my butt is so big and literally hangs out the shorts and as much as I love some booty cleavage I never want to look trashy and when your butt is as big as mine booty cleavage looks trashy lol. I also think the lace peek is cute and it's definitely going to be a huge trend this summer !

:::: Outfit Details ::::

Sneakers: PUMA Fierce Core (BUY HERE)
Fringe Cropped Sweater: Free People
Crop top: Free People
Lace Shorts: Urban Outfitters

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