Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Presentation

yayyyy so happy to finally get to share these photos and this experience with ya'll !!! 


Photography by Salwa Galal 

This presentation was part of the Boston Art Week event Artztravaganza !

Hair and Make up by me :D 

Models left to right:

thank you to all my beautiful and helpful models ! Special shoutout to Akou for doing all of the braids and Ebeny for gemming, and Bethany for coming through with that Urban Decay electric palette, I wouldn't of been able to do it without ya'll ! 

You know when I'm putting on a show I always expect some shit to go down because some shit always goes down but this show was the one where the most shit went down. Since I had 13 models (was supposed to be 14 but thats one of the shits that went down; one model couldnt come) I supposedly had two people coming to help me with make up. So it was supposed to be me and two assistants doing the make up and hair. The night before the show I hit up one of the assistants and you know ask her if she's ready for the show tomorrow; she hits me with "my car broke down I dont know if I can make it". Okay I know life happens and maybe her car did break down, I always give people the benefit of the doubt but anyhow thats besides the point. She then texts me at 3am telling that her ride fell through and she couldnt make it. At this point Idgaf I still had like four pieces to finish and I had to catch atleast two hours of sleep before it all went down so I quickly got over it. I go to sleep at 6am wake up at 8am because that was call time. So I'm still thinking I have another assistant coming through to help with the make up so I start slow, by noon I had no assistants just me doing hair and make up and we were supposed to be ready for the show at 2:30 PM to be on location at 3PM. I had already finished over half of the girls but at this point I'm freaking the fuck out, LIKE HOW THE FUCK AM I GOING TO FINISH HAIR AND MAKE UP ON 13 PEOPLE by 3pm! So I didn't have a panic attack but I nearly did, I composed myself though and this is when I solicited help from the models. By the grace of God one of my models was an avid braider and she was able to help me do the hair on half of the models. also the rest of the models were really helpful and either did their own hair or waited very patiently for me or Akou to do it. All  in all it was probably the most stressful experience I've yet encountered in my short design career but at the end of the day it was truly rewarding because I was able to achieve my vision lacking the help I thought I needed. I'm grateful for this experience because it helped me see what I'm capable of doing. I truly and whole heartedly believe in team work I think it is so very important but sometimes when the team doesn't show up you gotta come through for yourself and thats exactly what I did. Although I obviously still had a super lit team of amazing and multi talented models who also came through for me ! 

Anyhow that is the behind the scenes story of this fashion presentation ! I hope it didnt sound like I was complaining, I wanted to share this experience because although it was difficult I believe that I came out of it a stronger designer. 

The presentation itself was a success, it felt really intimate and it was a special experience, I loved the environment and vibe. I'm really happy and grateful I was able to participate in this event highlighting the talent in my very special hometown Framingham. 

AND NOW onto the collection;

this collection was inspired by the future, sportswear, and rave culture ! My experience at EDC Las Vegas last year has really stuck with me, I'm actually really sad Im not going to get to attend neither EDCLV or ECDNY this year but honestly my experience last year will last me a lifetime. For me it was all about the costumes and the culture; it just truly fascinates me ! I got a lot of inspiration for this collection from that experience. Also this was my most experimental and avant garde collection thus far. When I was creating this collection I wanted to do different things that I never tried before and mix unexpected fabrics like the mesh and the faux fur, and the faux fur and the plastic fabric. I'm literally so happy with the way this collection came out and I cant wait to share the lookbook and editorials I created with other amazing artists using these pieces ! 

thanks for reading, 



Nathalia Jmag


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