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Okay so first of I'd like to start by saying before this the only thing I had ever waxed were my eyebrows. So I was basically a waxing virgin. Going into it I was kinda freaking out because I was going to get my armpits, bikini, and legs waxed. I almost backed out and was all like "maybe I'll just try one service" but I thought if I'm going to be reviewing the Framingham European Wax center I have to do more than one service to actually be able to properly report. I choose the armpits, legs and bikini because those are the three areas that I usually shave but at the European Wax Center they will wax you anywhere and they even wax men! Who knew men wax too!

 With the warm weather season coming up I was so excited to try do this. Although scared I went through with it and I'm literally so happy with the results! For my first time it was certainly not that bad, it was way better than I was expecting. I left with my whole body feeling extra smooth; you literally walk in and strut out ! loved it so much, I will certainly be going back :D. 

My favorite of the three services was the legs, the pain was minimal and my legs have never been this smooth in my life ! No bumps, no redness just smoothness. I was really scared because when I used to wax my eyebrows I'd break out into hives so since I was waxing larger parts of my body I didn't want to break out all over my legs. Thankfully EWC uses a special was that is specifically engineered for them. The wax which is hard stripless wax is meant to be less traumatic than regular wax. It truly is less traumatic it doesn't go on super hot and feels good on the skin.  

 I also loved how they have a four step system which consists of prepping, cleansing, and pampering the skin after waxing. first they cleanse to remove any oils, dirt, lotions, makeup that may be on the skin which if left on the skin will reduce the quality of your wax. then they protect the skin using a soothing pre wax oil, after this it is wax time ! after the wax they apply a rejuvenating serum or body lotion depending on the area being waxed. 

I also loved the experience at EWC because the whole place is so clean it felt more like a doctors office rather than spa. It was very clean and everything was sterilized, another reason I didnt wax before was because of the questionable hygiene of some places but the EWC felt hygienic and sterile from the entrance to the waxing room.

I throughly recommend the Framingham European Wax center to fulfill your waxing needs ! if you have any specific questions feel free to email me.

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  1. Thanks for the review.. If you look beautiful, you will feel beautiful.
    I enjoyed your post.. I also had such a lovely Waxing experience Waxing centers in NYC Last week..


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