Designer Life Update

Happy Friday :D. I write this blog post as Im getting ready for my Spring/Summer collection presentation April 30th. I've been crazy busy prepping for the show and doing other shows/ photoshoots. with that said though I never want to neglect my blog. I love blogging and I want to incorporate it into my everyday life (if i can). I have a lot of work to do still before the show but Im really happy with the garments I have already created and the over all direction this collection is taking. I'm calling it "FUTURE", every time I design I think of the future. I want my garments to still be relevant in the future not just now so this collection as collections past was indeed inspired by the future. I also drew a lot of inspiration from the current athleisure craze and of course menswear and sportswear. In the beginning when I was designing this summer/spring collection I wanted it to be more feminine and although some pieces are, the majority of the collection is very unisex and menswear esque. It's not that I have anything against femininity I'm actually a feminist myself but I don't think what defines femininity is pink and flounces and skirts and tulle and form fitting silhouettes I truly try to transcend all of those things when designing for women. I like the idea of androgyny and dressing in such a way almost like genderless clothing. If you want to see the live presentation please come to my show April 30th at 3 pm !


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