Interview with Splizz Photography

This weeks interview is with the amazingly talented Sarah the master mind behind Splizz Photography. As you may know I love celebrating other women doing what they love in style so I'm so happy to be featuring Sarah ! I've known Sarah since we we're in middle school and it's been awesome to watch her blossom into such an amazing and inspiring woman.

Give a quick intro of yourself
Splizz. I am turning 21, born and raised in New England. Humble, Patient, and determined. In my off time, I enjoy.. who am I kidding, I have no off time :)

I work full time, I am a full time photographer and a full time night student.  

Describe your style. 

(Simple and black. Odds are if you catch me on a good day, I’m wearing black. Catch me on a bad day? You guessed it, Black.)

Is style important ?

Yes but my whole life I felt limited to being able to express my “fashionista” side due to my body type growing up. I encourage, BEG, anyone to wear whatever you desire. Don’t waste your energy telling yourself reasons as to why you can’t wear something. I wish I would have had someone to tell me this when I was younger. I wasted so much energy on this problem. Too many negative thoughts. 

Personally, I never felt I could. I created this mind forged manacle when it came to how I dressed. It was so bad, Gosh it was bad. It even affected me in the seasons. I hated my body so much, ashamed of it. I would wear hoodies when it was 90 degree weather. I would stop myself from going to pool parties, beaches, and anything outside because I dreaded the idea of having to wear something that would cause me to go into heat exhaustion. I would be scared people would comment on how I looked. In result, it prevented me from truly enjoying my friends and acquaintances growing up. I look back at so many memories I missed out on over something that now, is so insignificant.  

Recently I’ve been getting fit so I have been able to start dabbling more than ever before. It’s cool actually. I guess you could say I’m blossoming as my career is blossoming. 

is fashion important ?


Who is your favorite designer or brand?


Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

Rihanna ( if that counts?) 

( ofcourse it counts RIRI is the shit ! she is my one fashion inspiration constant)

What is your favorite era if you have one ?

Fashion wise: the 20’s

Describe your style with two words

 comfortable and expensive

What is your number one fashion advice?

wear something that is going to boast your beauty and make you feel your absolute best… essentially, WEAR WHATEVER YOU PLEASE Never let someone else determine who YOU are and what YOU can wear

What do you think is the most important thing in ones appearance for example; shoes, hair, clothes, handbag, attitude, etc.

In this order,

Attitude, Hair, shoes.. I love shoes..a lot

what makes YOU different ?

I take my time. I listen to your needs in order to give you if not exactly, pretty damn close to what you want. I am all about selflessness, mindfulness, and positive vibes. Instead of dwelling on my failed attempts at anything in life, I use that energy to fuel myself to succeed. I don’t feed into the negativity that surrounds me. Again, I use it to fuel me. 

describe yourself as a photographer

I am a glamour photographer. I work predominantly with women. I specialize in making people feel beautiful. 

what are your photography goals? short term? long term?

Becoming internationally regarded, make a difference with my campaign to empower women expressing their beauty.

what makes you different from other photographers in your genre? 

I am a female myself. Most of my models tell me that it gives me a more “special”/relatable touch. 

how would you describe your photography aesthetic ?

I boast myself in my ability to play with natural lighting and working with day to day settings.

what photographers inspire you the most ?

Marcus Hyde, Gavin Bond, Brendan Forbes, Martin_Depict, Marilyn Hue

where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully traveling the world shooting for big name magazine which include but are not limited to GQ, CMPLEX, PLAYBOY, SPORTS ILL., and Maxim and highly regarded companies.

while running a couple other endeavors I’m secretly working on right now.

where do you see your photo career in five years?


why do you take photos ? 

There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people overcome some of their insecurities and making them feel so beautiful. I know how hard someone can be on themselves. I was once that person. I know the feeling first hand.

what inspires you to create the work that you create?

When I see the girls I surround myself with beat  themselves up because of insecurities. Girls don’t see how beautiful they truly are and I make it my goal to help them see themselves through my eyes..and work 

there is so much more to what you do, what is the "more"?

That’s top secret

What is your life philosophy ?

Let your talent and drive do the talking. 

Favorite song right now?

 Panda - Desiigner 

Favorite artist?

Future/The Weeknd

Favorite quote?

 “Gangstas move in silence, and I don’t talk a lot"

If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?

Animal Abuse 

What is your opinion on the state of the earth and how we treat it?

 We need to unite and bring awareness before we create our own demise

What keeps you sane?

Meditating, reading, my dog Goonie 

Favorite animal?


If you could go back and give your 13 year old self a piece of advice what would it be?

Start glamour now. Don’t wait until you’re older to realize you don’t care what anyone has to say about your passion. Start now. 

Find Sarah's work here Splizz Photography


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