Futuristic Fashion

Photography by Salwa Galal
Models Lindsey Grenier, Sarah Jane Joshua Grey

Happy Monday! I did this shoot a couple months back and I'm happy to finally share the photos ! All of these pieces can be found on my shop www.nathaliajmag.com

I love doing shoots for my designs, they're actually my favorite because I get to be behind the scenes and direct the shoot. It's always so exciting when I have an idea in my mind for the perfect frame and the photographer gets it ! It's like wow we're truly connected and on the same frequency. It's actually kinda creepy; I'd explain the image i'm trying to convey and it looks exactly as I imagined it! It's creepy as well as exhilarating and utterly strange. It really does show to me that we are so much more connected than we think. It's like when you're thinking something and then whoever you're with brings it up; so mind bending but at the same time so easy to understand. If everyone got this and knew exactly how connected everything and everyone is; a lot of problems will go away but I digress because that's truly besides the point. I also love team work and getting together with a group of people to create such things as this ! I'm so looking forward to the summer to shoot more and also to creating more garments to photograph, I have a fashion show April 30th in which I'm going to be showing a brand new collection so stay tuned for that ! 

Although I'm going to continue to set up shoots for my designs im also going to start doing more outfit post shoots and such :). I stopped blogging as much because I wasnt sure where I wanted to take my blog, I had an epiphany though and I'm just going to continue doing what I have been doing since the birth of style by Nathalia; post outfits, my designs, and interviews of people I find interesting !

dont forget to check out the shop ! I will be adding more stuff to it sometime this week :D 

thanks for reading :) 



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