Adidas superstars Look

Photography by Silkstaq

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I've been a huge fan of adidas basically my whole life and I love when brands and stuff I love starts to trend ! Adidas are making a huge comeback specially the classic shell toes, these black and white Adidas originals are the shit! I literally wear them all the time and they're extremely versatile and just straight up cool as fuck. They give every outfit a really cool and boyish vibe which I've been loving lately. My style is always changing and evolving and as of late I've been super into comfort and versatility, also been really into wearing monochromatic looks and a lot of black. The jean jacket is actually a vintage find from the house of findings and I spiced it up with pins and patches. I really love high waisted pants and these American Apparel disco pants are literally the best, so comfortable and flattering I also been wearing these a lot since I got them  !

:::: Outfit Details ::::

Sneakers: Urban Outfitters
Pants: American Apparel
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Jean Jacket: Vintage
Leather Jacket: Free People

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