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Photography: Rachel Tine

HMUA: Christina Cook & Cara Bella
Models: Aner Martino, Alyssa Anastos, Lindsey Gren, Tranea PerryIsabel Navarro, Dayana Karis, Erin EppsAoife lee, Sierra Colleen, Christina Cook, Dan, Christopher Bentley, Kathryn Lopes, Lavanyai

First of all want to give a huge shoutout to my beautiful HMUA and models !!!!! I literally would be nothing with out all of the amazing and talented people who support and help me. if it wasn't for these amazing people that God has put in my path I wouldn't be able to bring my visions to life ! I am eternally grateful for those people who donate their precious time to me, nothing says i love you and I support you more than time!! When I have shows I get wicked anxious about finding people to help me out. since I just started my design career I can't afford to pay all my peoples but God I cant wait till Im making a lot of money and I can pay everyone ! I always feel so blessed when such amazingly talented people come forth to help ! It literally feels like a message from the universe like he's all like "you can do this, you got this and I'm sending you these angels to help you!" 

I'm so excited to post this product on my website and also to create more collections! I have two shows coming up in April, I want to expand on this collection for one and create a whole new one for the other :) ! Since I did two up-cycled pieces (redesigned vintage garments, I did it with two denim jeans I thrifted) for this collection I want to add a couple more ! I love sportswear and it will always inspire me but I'm thinking of doing a more feminine collection for the whole new collection but thats all I'm going to share for now :D. Cant reveal all of my secrets, but I do plan on posting more on my process! 

I don't know why but as an artist it is kind of difficult for me to share my process. I love to share the finish product and I do share bits and pieces on snapchat (@stylebynathalia) but I always get a little nervous because I don't want to overshare. One of my main reasons for not sharing too much of my process is that I don't want people to steal my ideas, it sounds silly but it's real for me. I don't think I'm fucking da vinci but I do feel my ideas are valuable and I hate the feeling that someone might try to steal my idea thats why I share the finished product because even if people copy me then I'll know and everyone will know they copied me because I did it first. I know I sound a bit juvenile but thats just how I feel. 

Please watch the video of the show below although the video is not the best quality I'm glad my husband was able to capture the whole show !!!!

Thanks for reading :) 



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Posted by Nathalia Castrillon on Thursday, February 25, 2016


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