Layering with a Maxi Dress

This outfit got a lot of love on snapchat so I had to blog it ! If an outfit could describe me or my style it would be this outfit. I feel so free, sexy and fun in this. I'm basically wearing all of my current favorite pieces in my closet and for some magical reason it makes sense ! :D 

 I literally missed shooting for the blog so much I'm so happy I decided to keep at it :). There are some changes coming but blogging is still going to remain 90% of what Style By Nathalia is about. I'm going to be re launching the blog with a new lay out and interface. I'm also going to have my online shop directly linked to the blog :). I'm not going to commit to posting x amount of times a week but I'm certainly going to try to post as often as possible. 

 If you were wondering whats with that hair sticking out the back of my head well thats the under shave I did like three months ago growing back in lol. I get so freaking bored with my hair all of the time that is why I tried the whole undershave thing and honestly, I regret it so bad. Im just glad I didnt shave more haha. I decided to grow out my hair and it has been so hard to stick to growing it out because like every ten minutes I want to cut it all off but I owe it to myself to be patient and grow it out atleast a couple more inches. 

 :::: Outfit Details :::: 

 Flannel: Free People, Buy Here 
Skirt: Free People,  Buy Here 
T-shirt: I upcycled it :) 
Shaggy Sweater: Old Free People 

 Thanks for reading :) 


 - Nathalia Jmag


  1. Maxi dresses are making a comeback?
    Looks cool .. good stuff.



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