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I've been following Annie since she started Annie's Fashion Sauce and I have loved watching her growth and I'm so excited to feature her on the blog! I can relate to her in many ways specially in how she has her own authentic style and she really cant be put in a box. It's hard to find creative people like Annie in the Boston area, not to be mean but most people here have cookie cutter styles that bore me to death but Annie on the other hand is a breath of fresh fashion air ! I hope you guys enjoy the interview as much as I did :)

About you

Give a quick intro of yourself

Ex. your name, age, location, what you do, hobbies and whatever else you would like to share about yourself.
I'm Annie, I'm 25, I live in the Greater Boston Area; I'm an aspiring writer and fashion stylist. I live for pop culture and art in general.

Fashion/style Questions
Describe your style. 
To describe my style would be to limit it, so just call it very eclectic. I'm different every day.

What makes your style “different”?
I think what makes my style different or unique is the fact that I don't fall into any specific category, but still have a signature look.

How do you relate your style to others?

*I don't really understand the question. Am I inspired by others? Yes. I can't control whether or not people relate to my style. I'm not concerned with my look being relatable or not. On my blog, I do try my best to explain why I think my outfits "work," and provide possible ways to make them work for different situations and occasions. 

Is style important ?
Style is important to those who find fulfillment by expressing themselves through personal style, but it certainly isn't mandatory, and I think people who approach fashion and style as a status symbol strip it of its artistic nature. It's more a question of whether or not style is valuable, and I think all modes of art are ultimately important if they bring any number of people joy. Fashion is inarguably one of the most joyous art forms and communities in the world. It's driven by people who are passionate about personal style, and almost everyone has to participate and contribute some way because we all do wear clothes. I think that probably makes it categorically important. 

is fashion important ?
I suppose I sort of answered that one. 
Who is your favorite designer or brand?
If I have to choose, I'd say Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, the Olsen twins, and Parisian sister brands Sandro & Maje. 

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?
This is honestly an unanswerable question for me. I have so many style icons, and I draw inspiration from everything and everyone I see. Fashion is everywhere. 

What piece in your closet could you not live without?
I really don't like playing favorites when it comes to style. I have a red sweatshirt that reads "42nd Street" above an illustrated graphic of a burlesque dancer. This kid in college thrifted it, and literally wound up giving it to me right off his back because I was so obsessed. It just speaks to me. But my whole wardrobe is a collection of memories that matter to me.

What is your go to lazy outfit, like what do you wear when you don’t even want to get ready?
T by Alexander Wang sweatpants with a leather waistband, a crop top or baggy sweatshirt, and Adidas sandals or Nike sneakers.  

What is your go to outfit for when you don't know where you are going?
Black jeans, a simple top, and probably a '90s inspired necklace, like a choker or silver collar. 

What is your favorite era if you have one ?
The 1990s. Or the 1800s. 

What would you say your fashion philosophy is? (what fashion means to you)
I think people should wear what makes them happy. As a stylist, I obviously spend a lot of time asking myself what works and what doesn't, but at the end of the day, I don't think there are or should be any concrete rules. I dress to my mood and wear whatever will make me feel most confident. Confidence is the most attractive accessory, so whatever outfit helps you feel your best is the right one. I also think fashion should always be extremely welcoming and inclusive, and right now it still needs work in that department.

Describe your style with two words
How about one word? Saucy. 

What piece of clothing or accessory do you think every woman should have?
Black skinny jeans that make her feel good.

What is your number one fashion advice?
Don't focus on trends or your dress size. Focus on showing people who you are and doing so with confidence. 

What is your style advice for someone who is still developing their style?
We live in an era in which style inspiration has never been more accessible. Look up hashtags like #ootd and other personal style-related stuff on Instagram, and take screen shots of anything that appeals to you. Try to figure out what those images have in common and see if that pattern can help you identify your signature look, or spark any new ideas you can make your own. Ask yourself what outfits have made you feel the most confident in your life, and chase that positivity to figure out what styles make you happiest in your own skin.

What do you think is the most important thing in ones appearance for example; shoes, hair, clothes, handbag, attitude, etc.
I'm a big advocate for the collective. Personally, I'm just not comfortable in public if I don't love my outfit, even if it's low key, and I think everyone who's into style should find ways to feel comfortable and look polished even if they're skipping serious hair or makeup. Have a game plan for your head-to-toe look for any occasion/situation. 

Life questions

what makes YOU different ?
 I only know how to be me. 
Dream job?
Globally successful pop star. 

^^ love this answer :)

Please tell us about your latest fashion venture?
Every day is an event! 

where do you see yourself/the fashion sauce in five years?
I have absolutely no clue, and that's fine by me. The possibilities grow and surprise me all the time, but I'm not fixated on any one outcome or goal right now. I just want to do what makes me happy. 

What is your life philosophy ?
Find the people who understand you, who share your values, and make you laugh, and give them your whole heart. And watch "South Park." 
What could you not live without?

Dream vacation?
There are so many places I want to go, and any of them could host a dream vacation if I can be there with someone(s) I love. 

Favorite song right now?
Anything by Adele or Justin Bieber. My two favorite activities are crying and dancing. 
Favorite artist?
My favorite musician? Too hard.

Favorite quote?
I'm torn between some Joni Mitchell lyrics, and several lines from "Billy Madison."  

If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?
 I would change the fact that intersectional feminism and the many ways a person can identify in this life aren't extremely obvious, or at the very least acceptable ideas to everyone yet.

What is your opinion on the state of the earth and how we treat it?
I wouldn't say I set the best example myself, but I think anyone who thinks we aren't having a horribly negative impact on the environment isn't very intelligent.

There is a quote that says “every person is here for reason, everyone has a purpose”; what would you say is your purpose?
I'm still sort of figuring that out, but I find purpose in my creativity, and my loved ones. 

Why are we here?
Who's to say? 

What are your hobbies?
Writing, almost anything fashion-related, talking with friends, lip-synching to my own reflection, and watching more TV and movies than any one person should.

What keeps you sane?
Having parents and friends who get me. 

Favorite book?
"The Coquette" by Hannah Webster Foster

Favorite animal?
I love parrots. I'm not sure many people know that. 

Favorite color?
Black. It caters to all the colors.

What/who inspires you?
My parents are my absolute idols. They're my biggest cheerleaders, and the coolest people I know. 

If you would be granted an hour to speak to anyone that has ever lived, who would it be?
Robert Lowell. Or Lady Gaga.  

If you could go back and give your 13 year old self a piece of advice what would it be?

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