70s Looks

Photography by Zach Stone

When I style these photoshoots for the Free People Boston instagram account I always dress myself in an outfit I wouldnt normally wear like this one. Although I now own this skirt (purchased it after the shoot, literally the most flattering fit) I wouldnt wear these shoes or shirt ever. Don't get me wrong I'm not bashing either piece clearly I love them if not I wouldn't of have put them on my body. I actually really love the shoes they're comfy and cute but I cant bring myself to purchase them because they're not true to me; this is usually how my thought process is when purchasing a shoe "does it have a platform ?" if it has a platform i am most definitely buying it if not then I probably wont. Regardless of my personal preferences though I really recommend these booties they're a great price, super comfortable and SO IN right now!

It's funny because I dress myself in outfits I probably wouldnt regularly wear but I always style the girls in outfits I actually would wear like Hannahs outfit. That suede dress is to die for !! and those booties OH MY GER only reason I dont own a pair is because Free People does this weird thing of only carrying whole sizes and ofcourse I'm a 6.5.

 ::::: My Outfit Details :::::

Skirt: Buy Here
Shoes: Buy Here
Shirt: Buy here
Sunnies: buy here
Bralette: Buy Here
Choker: Buy Here

:::: Hannahs Outfit Details ::::

Dress: Buy Here
Shoes: Buy Here
Sunnies: Buy Here
Choker: Buy Here

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