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HAPPY 2016 !

This is my official first post of 2016 ! WOW I can't believe yet another year has gone by, 2015 was full of surprises and many lessons! I learned so much about myself and life in general, I definitely feel like a different person in 2016. I also have an amazing feeling about 2016 I'm just getting the best vibes for this year. This year definitely feels like a year of growth and realization; I did a lot of planting in 2015 so I know there is much to harvest in 2016 ! I have so many awesome exciting things coming up in the next few months starting with a showcase I'm doing at Raw Boston February 25th ! (you can buy tickets here )

I'm feeling a little crazy at the moment it still hasn't hit me that I graduated ! I'm done with my bachelors degree !! it's a bit overwhelming to say the least; I'm like so what now? this is the moment that a lot of motivational speakers speak about, that moment when you reach a major milestone or achieve a major accomplishment like graduating college and there still that weird empty feeling of not feeling accomplished. In a way I do feel accomplished but at the same time I'm like wait this is what its supposed to feel? I don't feel like i wasted my time per say because I learned a craft that I love and enjoy but I still don't feel like I'm self realized. it must be because I'm just entering the scene I'm just starting to make a little bit of splash but I'm still like something is missing.. what is missing? to be completely honest I don't know what is missing, I'm a little scared that this is how my life is always going to be like that "something is missing" feeling will never go away. Im starting to realize though that; that feeling is the part of me that doesn't want to stop growing I don't want to stop learning I don't want to stay stuck; I want to continue to grow and mature and learn new things and do the things I already learned differently.

I also want to develop more as a designer; I feel like I've only touched the tip of iceberg when it comes to the designer within me. Im not afraid to let my wild side come out but at the same time I want to design and create things that are relatable. I'm excited to develop more as a designer this year !!!

thanks for reading,



Nathalia JMag


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