Strappy Top Outfit

Photography by Simon Gee

Happy Tuesday !!! Really wanted to blog this outfit before the summer ends! I love this outfit because it's perfect for a hot summer day; the fabric is really light weight and breathable and its a really fun and sexy design. This skirt will also work in the fall with a nice chunky knit sweater (ill blog that look once it gets colder). I really love the slit on the side it gives the maxi skirt more sex appeal. I paired it with this strappy sandal from Zara because I just felt like the design of the shoe went really well with the design of the strappy top. This look is perfect for a night out in the city or girls night. 

I'm so excited to start my last semester of college tomorrow!! It's so crazy that I am almost done with school i feel like it was just yesterday I started college and had no clue what I wanted to do. I'm so grateful that I can now say I know what I want, not with utter certainty but I know for sure I am working in a field I love; fashion. Last semester I learned and grew so much I am very much looking forward to learning and growing this semester as a person and as a designer. I'm excited for everything that the rest of the year has in store for me :). 

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Nathalia JMag :)


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