New York City Fabric Shopping Trip

Happy Sunday!!! Last week I went to New York City to source fabrics :D !! NYC is literally fabric heaven, like OMG I was so overwhelmed with all the choices but its better than barely having any choices ! We visited a vast amount of fabric stores; we literally walked around all day checking out what each store had. I am so grateful for my best friend for coming with me and being patient and walking with me everywhere. We walked all day long but it was so worth it because I got the most beautiful fabrics !!! Just like I did with my senior collection for my next couple collections I'm going to push myself and try new things, use different silhouettes, and use fabrics unconventionally! I'm still going to be making pieces that can be worn everyday but I am using different kinds of fabrics for those everyday pieces! That's all I'm going to say because I don't want to reveal too much. 

So I brought my camera and really wanted to take pictures but like any Colombian will say "la lleve a pasiar" which translates to "I only brought it to vacation". Which is so real because the two days we were there I barely took any photos, I mostly took photos at SeƱor Frogs because it was basically the only time we got to chill! 

My top and hat are from Free People and my shoes are PUMA the shorts are from Marshalls. 

Thanks for reading :)



Nathalia JMag 


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