Meet my Hubby & New Job

Photography by Trisha May

Happy Sunday every one !!!! As you can see Trisha took some photos of me and my hubby :). I don't talk about him on this blog much, but he is literally the most important person in my life! I love him so much, we have been married for four and a half years and I couldn't be happier. It feels so good to be with someone who feels exactly as I feel about him about me!

I also am so incredibly happy to announce that I am now working for Free People !!! At first I wasn't sure if I should take the job because I'm in my last semester but then I'm like wait THATS EXACTLY WHY I should take the job because now once I graduate I'm going to have a job all set for me which makes me so happy and takes stress off my shoulders. I'm specially excited for this job because Urban which is the company Free People is under is an amazing company and although I just started I absolutely love my new job already ! I'm truly a free spirited girl which I hate saying because it's so cliche but its true and thats why this company is such a great fit for me, Im excited for everything to come and to open a brand new Free People! 

This dress is from Urban Outfitters :)

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