Transparent Rain Jacket Editorial

Photography by Crash Pop Images
Nails by Motif Nails
MUA Alicia Dane

I did this collaboration with Justina a few months back for one of her classes and it's about time I share it ! I love the futuristic vibe of the colors and the iridescent fabric in the background. Justina and I discussed the concept and brought to life the images in our minds! Of course the concept was futuristic because the future was one of my inspirations for my senior collection. Without even knowing that that was the inspiration behind my collection a lot of people always tell me that my collection is futuristic and that it makes them think of aliens and outer space which was also part of my inspiration. I wanted to create a collection that was out of this world. *The silver jacket was an accessory; I did not make it.

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Thanks you for reading :)



Nathalia JMag


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