Tea Party

Happy Tuesday !!! So I went on this tea party date with my love michelle and a couple other friends a few weeks ago but since I was having technical difficulties I wasn't able to edit the photos until yesterday. I decided to edit them a little different I hope y'all like it. I didn't know a place like this existed until Michelle took me and I was mesmerized ! I loved it, it was so freaking cute and the tea and snacks were SO good ! They have several rooms for tea parties but I only took pictures of our tea party room and the main room. Our room was one of the smaller ones but they do have bigger rooms for larger parties. This place is called Fancy That  and it's located in Walpole, MA.  The service was awesome and I'm definitely going back and recommend it so if you're in the MASS area and love tea and vintage definitely check it out ! I have to say my favorite thing there was that gorgeous pink couch it is literally my DREAM couch ! Both Michelle and I are wearing 70's vintage pieces and Gothic Lolita wigs. Michelle always inspires me to step out of my style comfort zone so I love dressing up with her :).

Thanks for reading :)!



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