Summer to Fall Transition Outfit

(shoutout to my photo bombers)

Happy Monday :D!!!! I know everyone hates Mondays but they're not so bad its like getting a fresh new start in life each week. Personally I don't hate Mondays right now but I think me not hating Mondays also has to do with the fact that I'm in summer vacation and have no classes. Although I'm not in school I have been keeping very busy (thank goodness). Ive been working on some new content and of course my online shop which I am going to be opening soon !!! yayyyy!!! Visit the site now to get a glimpse. :D :D 

Anyhow this weekend I went to Hampton beach and convinced my hubby and little sister to take some photos of me. I hope you guys like them :). Every time I wear this dress I feel like a little girl despite the huge cut out. I used to be really self conscious about my boobs and wouldn't ever dare to leave the house without a bra but I'm so happy that I am so over that phase. I decided to embrace my chest and ditch the bra. Sometimes for aesthetic purposes I do wear a bra but other than that I love going braless. It is very empowering to go out without a bra, not because #freethenipple but because of how self conscious I was and how much I don't care anymore. I realized I need to love myself EXACTLY how I am and stop wishing I had more of this and less of that. I think every one guys and girls go through some sort of self esteem issues and its hard to not get self conscious with all of the shit that gets thrown at us about what is beautiful and what beautiful should look like but I've gotten over all of that crap. I realized that there is always going to be someone who is smarter, prettier, nicer but that doesn't matter because there will never be another me. That's what we all need to realize that we are beautiful exactly how we are and what makes us different IS what makes us beautiful and we don't need make up, plastic surgery, or clothing to be or feel beautiful because true beauty shines from within.

:::: Outfit Details ::::

Dress: Pacsun
Lace Cardigan: Marshalls
Jean Jacket: ZARA
Sandals: Similar Here

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