Paint Nite Review


took this photo going into Boston :)

and this one before I left with my love Leah

My Paint Nite adventure was incredible ! It was so much fun, I can't believe I waited this long before trying it! what could be better than painting and drinks??? Nothing, except for like maybe painting and drinks in your pajamas at home but thats besides the point. What I loved the most was that you don't have to have any painting experience to do it! I love to paint but my husband never painted before in his life and I think his painting came out awesome for his first painting. We have both of them hanging at our house :). There's also an instructor that walks you through every single step of the painting and they walk around to help any one in need. Regardless whatever art you create is not critique nor compared to others it's strictly just for fun and thats the best part of it, you get to relax have a drink and paint! I also really loved how organized the event was, you knew exactly where to go and what to do upon arrival. I was expecting a cheap canvas but its an awesome canvas and the paint was also very good. Paint Nite is also super rad because it literally happens everywhere it could be happening at a restaurant near you, just go on their site and check for Paint Nites near you :). 

Thanks for reading :)

:::: Outfit Details ::::

Bag: Zara
Pants: UO
Shoes: PUMA
Bralette: Bebe
Hat: H&M



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