Date Night Look

 Happy Sunday !!! hope everyone is having a blessed weekend. I'm so happy I got my computer situation worked out because now I can blog with no technical difficulties which means I'm going to be back on my grove and blogging as often as I possibly can. I have a lot of content lined up to blog so I'm excited that I now have a functioning computer to bring to you blogposts more frequently. Im still having a bit of an identity crisis, not that I don't know who I am but I'm in the process of reinventing myself which is a process I go through every couple months because I'm easily bored. I love to reinvent my style with everything I already have in my closet, my key is wearing the same pieces in different ways. Like with this outfit I'm wearing my favorite leather peplum shirt tucked into this high waisted skirt.

:::: Outfit Details :::::

Shoes/purse/top: ZARA

thanks for reading :)



Nathalia JMag


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