Bell Bottoms Summer to Fall Look

Photography by Anthony Guirguis 

Happy Tuesday :D!!!! I've been really busy working on many different projects, specially getting ready to launch my website amongst other things but I have so much backed up content that I need to blog so here is one of the looks I shot a couple weeks back. If you want to keep up with my day to day follow me on instagram I stay pretty active on it. I like to put in some work when writing a new blogpost so thats why Im not blogging all the content I have at once because I want to incorporate more writing into my posts rather than make it only photos.

I'm really digging the whole boho look lately so it has basically been my go to style for day looks. Bohemian inspired looks are awesome for the summer, and I'm just in that phase right now. If you've been following me for long enough you know that I have multiple fashion personalities so I can't just stick to one style I love to wear anything and everything I like and right now I'm loving my boho looks. I think I dabble into so many different looks because I love to dress the part for whatever I'm doing and sometimes I just feel like being a different kind of girl. That is the reason why I tend to hoard clothing because I never know when I will feel like wearing that certain piece again in this instance bell bottoms. I've always loved bell bottoms because they elongate your legs and when I wear them I look extra tall and being a shorty looking taller is always a plus. Even though in the grand scheme of things hoarding is really bad I think when it comes to clothing and shoes it's actually a great thing to keep everything because clothing is accumulating in land fills and since a lot of it is made of synthetic materials they take thousands of years to decompose! So keeping your old clothes is not a bad thing; you're actually helping the environment by keeping everything you buy. Since fast fashion has become so huge the problem of clothing accumulating in land fills is growing exponentially and we as fashionistas can help this problem by keeping all our clothes and instead of throwing old clothes in the trash we can recycle them by bringing them to a recycle center (find one close to you here) or giving them to friends and family or charity.

I'm so excited to launch my online shop but I want it to be perfect so its taking me a bit longer than I wanted it to take but thats okay because it has to look amazing. Please take a sneak peek here.

:::: Outfit Details ::::

Pants: Hollister
Top: UO
Cardigan: Pacsun
Hat: Vintage
Bag: Vintage bag my grandma gifted me :)
Shoes: JC

Thanks for reading :)



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