Seventies Style

Photograhy by Justina Guirguis  

Hello !! Hope everyone had a beautiful and blessed weekend. This outfit is part of my "lost files" from last summer, I did a series of photoshoots featuring pieces from the House Of Findings and this is one of the outfits that was never published. I love this two piece its totally business in the front party in the back, the criss crossing on the back of it is so awesome and so 90's and now but this is actually a two piece from the 70's. The 70s are majorly popping in the fashion scene at the moment so I thought this outfit would be perfect for a blogpost. I originally wanted to post another "OOTD" blog but my computer is fucked up so I cant upload any of the new OOTD photos I've taken :(. Which truly is a major pain in the ass but thankfully I'm getting things worked out tomorrow.

thanks for reading :)



Nathalia JMag


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