Mohawk Reversible Fur Jacket

Photography by Mandee Rose
Make up by Celestial Jewel

I did this photoshoot with these talented ladies during the winter but couldn't share it because we decided to submit this set to magazines to get published and they did ! This set was published in Obscurae Magazine Volume 15. This was a great accomplishment for me because it was the first time my designs have been officially published in a magazine. So grateful I can even say that, it sounds so awesome !  We shot three different jackets but since all the photos are so amazing I'm going to share them all in three separate posts. 

In these photos Aradia is wearing my Mohawk Reversible Fur Coat which is faux fur on one side and wool on the other. When I design I like to design with versatility in mind thats why I made this fur coat reversible. 

thanks for reading,



Nathalia JMag


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