Las Vegas Adventure

 Because my trip was so rad and long this post will be rad and long; just a friendly warning before you start scrolling :)


DAY 1 COSTUMES: Silver Aliens



Harley Quinn Costume and Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn & the Joker

BAE as the Joker


PART 3: PARTIES (these photos are not as good quality bc theyre iPhone photos)

 Ceasers Palace Club Omnia

we bought these three outfits at BEBE


WET REPUBLIC "AFROKI" Afrojack and Steve Aoki

XS AT WYNN : Diplo X Skrillex

and riding scooters on the strip

MGM Grand pool

IM BACK !!! I've been having some serious technical difficulties with my PC and still am but I was able to upload some of the photos from my Vegas adventure I really wanted to edit them but half way through I'm like its so many photos who cares if theyre all not edited. Clearly you can tell I'm NOT a perfectionist. ANYHOW!!!

Las Vegas and EDC were everything and more than what I was expecting! Although it was probably the most tiring vacation I have ever taken, I had the time of my life. Im not really into gambling so I was in Vegas strictly to party and I partied at the most awesome places I don't want to party for a while lol.   I arrived in Vegas Wednesday night and had an early night because of jet lag, spirit airlines seats were so uncomfortable I didn't get to sleep on the five hour flight. Im going to save how much spirit airlines sucks for another post just never use them trust me. My flight on the way back got cancelled and we had to book another airlines to come back relatively on time, we did have to spend an extra night in Vegas but who will really complain about that.  As you saw above we went to Ceasers Palace new club Omnia which was so fucking ill inside it had like five floors and the last one was a rooftop with the dopest view of Vegas. We also went to XS at Wynn Diplo x Skrillex party and it was so fucking sick, we got there at 2AM and the party was crazy bumping there was like over 1000 people in the pool. Drais Beachclub was also amazing and so beautiful and the Afroki party at the MGM Wet Republic was amazing and crazy fun !

All the clubs and pool parties we went to were so much fun I'm not sure what was funner, the parties or EDC. I really love EDC, one because I love EDM but my favorite part is the culture. EVERYTHING about it specially the costumes! If you know me you know that I love costumes and I love making them. EDC costumes are definitely my favorite though, I call them "naked costumes" because whats a raver costume without some skin. Since I was making 9 costumes I recruited one of my fellow designers Michelle Villada to help me make them. we had so much fun making these costumes although it was a long production it was totally worth it. My favorite was the dolls costumes but the crowd loved our silver aliens costumes the most; we got compliments left and right, let me know in the comments which was your favorite :).

I have to say though my favorite part about Vegas was that everyone was so fucking nice and friendly dude!!! everyone I met and ran into was a sweet heart, people are just so friendly; my kind of people. Personally I'm nice and I talk to strangers despite the fact that I'm from Boston lol but obviously that's also because I grew up in a Colombian family so being polite is a huge part of my culture.

 I really loved the hotel I stayed at, the MGM Grand we stayed on the "Stay Well" floor and although we barely slept the beds and the rooms were totally amazing! The hotel in general is the shit !!! always bumping no matter the time there was always music and movement and also I felt super safe when I was in the Hotel. To be honest i can be a major pussy sometimes and kind of paranoid but I didnt feel scared at all in the hotel they had great security. Unfortunately I didnt get to relax in the spa but the weight room was great; yes I worked out while I was there but to my defense it was the first day when I still had energy and I kinda regret it because I was sore for like the next two days and who want to be sore in vegas ? no one! The pools were also awesomeeee, one of them was kind of like a lazy river and you can bring tubes in it and just sit and drift or just walk through with your drink, that was my favorite pool. I also loved how they played really loud EDM the whole time, it was like always a pool party. Honestly I loved the MGM so much I want to go back and just stay there the whole time because they have so many things to do. Im kind of bummed I didnt have time to go to their club Hakkasan but it looked so awesome ! However I did attend the cirque du soleil and it was a beautiful production !

obviously I always keep my posts positive BUT I'm considering maybe writing a "what i didnt like about Vegas post" just to briefly touch upon it; there was a lot of creepy people on the strip I swear there was people who had signs over their heads "I kidnap people" maybe I was just paranoid but I swear there was so many creeps and thats exactly why we barely walked the strip. I literally got anxiety not because I have anxiety problems but because the negative vibes were so high I couldn't deal. I felt safe inside the big hotels and the taxi cabs but the strip is not a safe place at least to me. I also thought it was so sad and depressing to see all these homeless people just chilling in the blazing hot sun. I hate seeing homeless people and specially in extreme weather conditions and theres a lot of homeless in Vegas. I also thought it was really creepy and weird how these dudes would stand around hotel entrances inviting people to strip clubs and telling people that you can get a free limo ride and entrance like HELLO that screams kidnap to me!!!!! Then there was all the other creeps giving out cards with naked girls saying "in your room naked in 15 minutes" its just disgusting not bc of the naked women but because sex slavery is a major problem America and the world needs to address. ANYWAY I'm definitely not trying to make this a political post so I digress, despite all the creeps and creepiness Vegas was the shit.

Thanks for reading :)




P.S if you plan on going to Vegas for Gods sake stay at a major hotel and DO NOT ACCEPT FREE LIMO RIDES. Also just don't accept anything for free bc nothing is free in life AND if you plan on attending EDC rent a car DO NOT BUY SHUTTLE PASSES, but that I'm saving for yet another post.

P.P.S Stayed tuned because I have some super rad photos from a recent set I did with s really talented photographer that I have been selfishly withholding. ALSO if you want to buy any of my costumes they will be for sale along with custom orders when I launch my online store later this summer :)


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