Lookbook shoot for Top Shelf Vintage

Photos and wardrobe by Top Shelf Vintage

Video by Justina Guirguis

Happy hump day :D !!!!!!!! Here are the photos and video of the lookbook shoot I did with Niky for Top Shelf Vintage. Today has been a beautiful day both literally and figuratively. I'm so happy that the summer is finally here not because I like the heat because to be honest I hate to be hot but because I can be out in nature and doing outdoorsy things. I am a home body and I wish I could be home forever but I also really love nature so much; one of my dreams is to have a home in the middle of the woods so I can just hike in my backyard. For now I settle for the nature patches in my town but next week I'm going to NH to explore the mountains and to RI to do the famous cliff walk which is so amazing, I really like it because I can bring my dog leah and not have to worry about ticks. I'm just so excited for this summer and all the fun activities that I have planned ! It is so crazy how fast time passes by I feel like last summer was just yesterday. I have this theory that the older we get the faster time moves because we have lived through many years, I remember when i was a child a year was soooooo long and christmas and summer took so long to come around but now it's like I blink and it's summer, I blink and it's winter; I blink and I'm almost graduating college. SO insane ! Anyway I hope that you're also having a great beginning of the summer :).

Thanks for reading :)



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