How Did I Get Here?

Im back !! I took some time off from blogging one because of school but also because I don't know where I want to take my blog next and so I've been trying to figure it out and to be honest I still don't know so until I figure it out, it will continue to be the same and consist of outfit posts, creative shoots and some interviews. I want to make my blog so much more but I need to narrow down my ideas and make them more concrete before moving forward with making any changes. Anyhow this semester was so crazy and I feel like I learned a years worth of information in just three months. Well I kinda learned everything I know about fashion design in just 1.5 years. If you haven't been following me long enough then you don't know that I changed my major about five times before committing to fashion design. When I went into college I was absolutely clueless about what I wanted to do with my life which is completely normal, I think it is so bizarre that we are expected to know what we want to do for the rest of our lives at age 17 or 18 like WHAT? How am I supposed to know this?

need I say more? Daria too real.

Anyway I am so incredibly grateful that I found my calling. But before finding my calling I wanted to be everything, I still want to be many different things but thankfully they are all related to one another. So the story goes a little like this; in high school I was always told to choose a career that was related to the subjects I did best in. Which was so vague, like not to sound cocky but I was good in all subjects, I wasnt a straight A student but I got A's and B's in all my classes all four years. I pondered it so much and changed my mind a million times but decided to go into college as a business major because it was the vaguest of all of the majors and as the common consensus goes "you can get any job with a business degree". This major was short-lived; I took macroeconomics and my whole plan came crashing down on me because this class was terrible, to say the least. I was back at square one and clueless once again about what I was going to major in; after much deliberation I decided I  was going to go the science route because I was always so passionate about Biology and Physics. I decided to pursue a career in medicine and become a dermatologist (lol I know). This too was short-lived for I took Biology 101 and realized I was going to have to spend the next 10 years of my life as a studying, sleepless, science book slave and although this future seems very noble it scared the crap out of me and I decided to change my major once again. I had already spent two semesters in college and I had taken one sociology class that I really enjoyed so I decided I was going to change my major to sociology because I love people so much why not study them and then help them for a living, which to be honest I still want to do; my number one goal in life is to help people and to inspire people. At this point I was already "fashion blogging" which I wouldnt even call fashion blogging because I was posting cell phone selfies as my blog post photos LOL (started from the bottom now we here). So at this point the fashion design and retailing major had caught my attention but I would always brush it off because I thought I knew everything about fashion because I already knew how to sow and "fashion just came naturally to me", which is true but boy was I wrong, I have learned SO MUCH. Since I had already taken so many classes from all over the place I decided to just become a Liberal Arts major and take more sociology, fashion and business classes. It was after taking History of costume that I realized I wanted to become a fashion major and take all the fashion design and merchandising classes. I wanted to take all the classes because I wasn't sure if I wanted to concentrate on design or on merchandising. It was after taking intro to sketching that I realized I was born to be a fashion designer. I'm so sure this is my calling that sometimes Im like how did I not know it sooner, like I wish I went into the major as a freshman I could have done four fashion shows !! But anyway Im a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I gained a ton of knowledge in the science, sociology, anthropology, and business classes that I took that I don't regret one bit changing my mind so many times because I was able to explore everything and realize what I didnt want to do first. Because by realizing what I didnt want to do I realized the one thing I did want to do. Sometimes I blame my fashion teacher in high school, she never even mentioned that fashion could be a career. I feel like maybe if she had nurtured me instead of judged me I would of wanted to pursue a fashion career from a younger age because I have always loved making costumes, customizing my clothing and just dressing different and standing out because of my outfits and hair. But this teacher judged me so hard because of my self expression through clothes that she actually made me hate mainstream fashion a little bit. I will never forget her comment to me when I made my final dress really short, she said, "of course YOU would make the hem that short". I laugh it off now but what kind of teacher judges their students instead of nurturing them? anyhow I digress, I love fashion and I am beyond happy that Im going to graduate with a Fashion Design degree and Im grateful for all of the teachers who have taught me valuable lessons like who I don't want to be and who I want to emulate. I will continue to make my hems short or long I don't know because its up to me because whether the hem is short or long is a designer choice ;). 

SO that is the story of my career journey thus far, after Im done next semester I know I will go back to school and pursue a masters degree because I love learning so much I know it won't be long until I'm itching to get back in the classroom again. Im definitely going to take some time off to focus on this blog and other projects that I have going on but I will certainly pursue a masters degree.  

Justina and I did this shoot a couple of weeks ago, since the last few shoots we did together before this one were just plain "normal" outfit posts so we wanted to do a creative shoot and get crazy with the make up and hair so here is the final product of that collaboration.

Also stay tuned because I have some really epic and fun collaboration shoots coming up in the next couple of weeks !!! 

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