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Lately I've been on this weird stage where I only want to wear black. It is very strange because although I have always liked black I was never opposed to colors but lately I only want to wear black. Its really funny because I'm more of a "light" person now rather than a dark person. Anyhow it is also a major issue for me to wear black because I have a siberian husky and for those of you who don't know huskies , they shed like a MF. Still I love black and cant stop wearing it, or buying stuff in black because everything and everyone looks better in black, right? 

Anyway I've literally been lusting over these patent leather Vans for months now and I finally decided to buy them as my summer shoes. I really don't like wearing sandals so for warm weather I always opt for vans, loafers, or oxford style shoes; I feel they're the best option because their cool yet covered. You know I always like wearing my knee high socks so I paired these Vans with some knee high socks and a faux leather t-shirt dress. Although I usually opt for silhouettes that are cinched at the waist because of my body type, I find t-shirt dresses to be THE most comfortable outfits. It's been a while since I wore any of my floppy hats so I threw this one on to give my outfit a little bit of a feminine edge. I don't usually wear earrings but these earring cuff from Clubbing Girl is really awesome understated and adds the perfect edge to any outfit.

Im so happy and excited because I just finished purchasing my trip to Vegas. I love EDM music since its former "techno" days and I have always dreamed of going to a rave and  next month I'm going to be attending the one and only Electric Daisy Carnival  in las vegas !!!!!! WOOT!!!! Its going to be so epic; as you may or may not know I also love designing costumes and I'm designing and making the costumes along with one of my fellow designer friends Michelle Villada (who you may know from her style feature here) for my friends and I. All I will reveal is that it is going to be an EPIC collaboration that will birth the best rave costumes EDC has seen till this day !!!! OK! I'm not only excited about the costumes; I'm also excited for the feast of lights and performers that my eyes and ears are going to indulge in as well as all of the amazing people I'm going to be around. Overall I already know that it is going to be just an all around epic experience and I am so happy my husband and I decided to do it !

see some of the EDC costumes I made for my friend last year here and here!

::::: Outfit Details :::::

Shoes: Vans (Buy here)
T-Shirt dress/socks : UO
Hat: Bakers (Similar here)
Ear Cuff: Clubbing Girl

Thanks for reading :)



Nathalia Jmag


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