Where have you been ?

So what have I been up to? 

Although my life has been legit all about school, my senior collection and my internship I had the pleasure to work with some amazing women on a photoshoot this past month. The photoshoot was all about the hair. But before I tell you about the photoshoot, first i want to tell you about how I attracted it. So a few months ago I was getting mega bored with my brown hair because it had almost fully grown out from the last time I got it done (and fried). That last time I payed a lot of money to get my cotton candy hair and although my hair got fucked up I loved rocking fantasy colored hair so I wanted to do it again. Anyway for a while I was deliberating as to how I was going to get it without breaking the bank and I had a couple options like doing it myself or having my grandma do it which was originally what I was gonna do but then I ran across this casting for a hair model for fantasy hair so you know I was all over that and sent in my head shots etc. a few weeks went by and the amazingly talented Liz kidder emailed me saying she wanted me for the shoot! You know I was wicked excited for the opportunity because I was going to get fantasy colored hair AND a photoshoot; two of my favorite things ! Liz kidder has magic hands, she bleached my hair and colored it without causing any damage which I thought might be impossible. The shoot was also a blast with the amazing Dawn Kingston and the make up artist Heather schofield was nothing but amazing as well! Although the shoot was to get some shots for Liz to enter into a hair competition we also got to do some fun fashion shots with me wearing one of my creations ! Hope you guys like it. 

Anyhow !  

I have been working really hard on my senior collection which I will be showing at four different fashion shows in April and in May. In a sense I also have been preparing for life and for the future. Although I still have one semester left this semester has been fundamental to my designer preparation. Prior to this semester I wasn't really sure which direction I wanted to take as a designer or what I really wanted to do. To be honest I'm in a way still on the same boat but I do have more clarity as to who I am as a designer. I don't think I'll ever really get to a point where I will be like "okay im going to do this and design this way forever" because to me that is unrealistic. I'm always growing as a person every single day so I think it's very unrealistic to think I will always be the same designer I  am today forever. I know I will continue to grow and evolve as a designer as well as a person for the rest of my life and I love that. I thrive in change and innovation because I'm easily bored that's why I'm always changing my hair and my outfits lol. Of course there are things that remain constant in my life but routine is probably one of my worse nightmares. I always want to be doing something different and learning and evolving .To me life is quite beautiful because it is full of turns and twists and surprises and I'm just wicked excited for the next turn my life will take. After I'm done with my undergraduate degree my life will change forever and I'm really excited for what the rest of this year has to hold. So far 2015 has been an amazing beautiful year full of knowledge, growth and development so I'm very excited for what the rest of the year will be like; I'm sure nothing short of amazing. I'm not saying my life is perfect and nothing bad has happened because shitty shit has happened but I choose to live my life only acknowledging my blessings and learning and moving on from my short comings. Shitty shit is bound to happen but it's how we react to these situations and view them that determines our happiness. You can't calm the storm but you can calm yourself while the storm passes. Most of the time these situations are momentary and only happen because they are meant to teach us a lesson, we can't learn any other way. Till this point things have happened that I don't understand but I'm sure with time God will show me the "why". I choose to live life trusting that Gods plans for my life are much greater than my own plans and that's why I live in the present and in the now and I choose not to worry about the future. I often get asked what my plans after graduation are and although sometimes i come up with an answer, the truth is I don't have any plans but I'm okay with that because my life is in the hands of the mightiest of Gods and I know he has my back. 

Here are the photos from the shoot 

Hair by: Liz kidder 
Photography: Dawn Kingston 
MUA: Heather schofield 

Thanks for reading :)




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