Half Leather Half Jean Pants

Having fun to try to forgot how cold it was

Hello loviess !!!! I hope everyone that is experiencing winter is staying warm; its been a couple of freezing days here in MA. I've tried to stay in doors as much as possible but I really wanted to blog about these boots and these pants ! So I've literally had my eye on these pants for months now, but I completely forgot about them because I stayed out of the mall. Anyhow while shopping for a NYE outfit, I found them ON SALE for only $35 so this time I couldn't resist but buy them. It was fate, I know its like something materialistic but I swear everything that is meant to be yours ends up being yours no matter what it is; whether it is a pair of pants or a home or a BF or a job or an opportunity if its meant for you it will become yours, maybe not when you expect it but when the timing is right. I believe that everything happens for a reason so that is why I never worry when things don't work out because I know that what is meant to be mine will be mine in its due time and no matter what I do or anyone else does what is meant for me, will be. Anyway back to the pants; they're so comfortable and super versatile because theyre like a leather jean hybrid. I plan on wearing them as often as possible, so you guys will be seeing them again as well as the boots. My Dr. Marten boot love affair began a couple years ago when I was in search of the perfect rain boot. I didnt want actual rain boots, lets be real they're hideous even if they have MK's or C's all over them, it doesnt matter, if its a rubber boot I don't like it. I have had my eyes set on a pair of blue docs for a while then and at this time I had the perfect excuse to buy them; I needed rain boots. They turned out to be the perfect rain/snow/bad weather boots !!! The cold nor the water or snow get through them, and that is why I love them because they serve their purpose, look BA AF, and are fashionable. I got these black ones as a christmas present from my hubby :). Even though Docs are like the polar opposite of UGGS I feel like they're the new UGGS; everyone is wearing them. Last but not least, this UNIF x Urban Outfitters moto furry coat is awesomeeee; its really warn and looks so good; its my two favorite kind of jackets together a faux fur jacket x a moto jacket.

:::: Outfit Details ::::

Furry Moto Coat: Buy Here
Dr. Marten Boots: Buy Here
Leather Jean Pants: Similar Here
Scarf: ZARA

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