Photoshoot With David Reyes

Photography by David Reyes

Happy Wednesday babes !!!!  During winter break I had the pleasure to shoot with David Reyes a very talented photographer, hope you guys like the photos as much as I did.  I live in Massachusetts so I have been in the heart of the JUNO blizzard, you'd think I would have been blogging like crazy because I have been stuck inside my house since Monday night but I have actually been crazy busy working on my homework. This semester is going to be really busy but I'm excited for my senior collection. Theres literally so many things that I would of rather have been doing during this free time like working on my youtube videos but I have my priorities straight and right now school work is my # 1 priority. Im so busy with school and my internship that although I wish to blog everyday and make youtube videos that is something I have had to make a lesser priority unfortunately. With that said I'd like to apologize for not posting as often from now until April.

To anyone else who went through the blizzard I hope you made it through safe and warm !!!

Thanks for reading :)




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