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this is the outfit that made me fall in love with Faye

Hello loves I'm bringing you yet another interview of a fellow blogger from the UK Faye from Almost Fayemous. I wanted to interview her for many reasons; first I can really relate to her style and how she likes to mix things up and also because she's from the UK !!! 

About you

My name is Faye and I'm a 23 year old British blogger from London, with an American heart! I currently work in retail full time for a living and blog as much as I can in my spare time whilst making time for social/family life. All I want to do right now is travel and share my personal style!

Fashion/style Questions 

What makes your style “different”?

I would say a difference in my style is that I never pick a side. I always mix it up. I'll be wearing the most gothic boots and leather jacket/accessories yet wearing something else with it that contradicts that style.

Describe your style.

If I'm keeping it short, I'd say quirky grunge featuring too much faux fur, and platform soles only, no flats allowed haha! I like things that will make people take a second look but at the same time I wanna blend in, I'm a walking paradox ha! 

How do you relate your style to others?

I'm not sure to be honest I guess just from taking inspiration from other people but I have a feeling I may have misinterpreted this question

Who is your favorite designer or brand? 

Has to be Unif, although it's so pricey to ship for me :( , Dr Marten, and H&M. But I also wear a lot of vintage!

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

Ugh, too many! Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani was my idol since I was a kid, Kylie Jenner, Stevie Nicks, Madonna in the 80s, and Kristen Stewart on lazy days. Oh and A$AP Rocky!

What piece in your closet could you not live without?

Probably my Jeremy Scott/Moschino inspired Dollskill bag which was based on the Mcdonalds collection as it's something I'll keep forever probably, I'll never forget that collection, it's art. But obviously I don't wear that often so I'm gonna say my Dr Marten Jaden boots as they're so easy to pull on/off due to the zip, and my little black dress. 

What is your go to lazy outfit, like what do you wear when you don’t even want to get ready?

Ha, that happens a lot. I'd say my ripped black Topshop jeans, a pair of chunky boots, a chunky knit or a t-shirt and faux fur coat. Plus no makeup whatsoever.

What is your go to outfit for when you don't know where you are going?

Um, my little black dress 100% (although its actually down to my ankles, not very little lol)

What is your favorite era if you have one ?

YES! I am obsessed with makeup and hair from the 60s, but fashion wise I'd say the 80s and 90s most def. 

What would you say your fashion philosophy is? (what fashion means to you)

Fashion means not giving a flying f* whether people like what your wearing or not, and expressing your mood or personality through your outfit. I see it as an art, not a materialistic thing.

Describe your style with two words

 Weird Grunge

What piece of clothing or accessory do you think every woman should have? 

A big faux fur coat that makes you feel 10/10 as soon as you put it on 

What is your number one fashion advice?

People say to me all the time "Oh you could pull that off but I couldn't". You know the reason why? Because I don't care. ANYONE can pull anything off if they have a positive attitude about it, everyone is perfect and individual in their own way, so if you want to wear something then do it. If you wear it and you don't feel comfortable, it's gonna show on the outside and you WON'T pull it off. But focus on YOU, and the fact that YOU like it, and you'll be laughing :)

What is your style advice for someone who is still developing their style?

Oooh. This is hard because I can understand why a teenager or anyone for that matter would find it hard to find themselves these days with all the social media and images we're bombarded with on a daily basis, that's enough to confuse anyone right? But I'd just say go with your gut feeling, and try not to be too influenced by what is currently in fashion. If you don't like it, don't buy it just to be fashionable. Of course, you can always mix fashion with your own personal style, but just stay true to what you like.

What do you think is the most important thing in ones appearance for example; shoes, hair, clothes, handbag, attitude, etc. 

I think attitude definitely. You could be the most well groomed chick on the planet, with the best clothes, but if your personality and morals suck then you're basic pretty much. I don't care for designer handbags much as long as I have a good backpack, but nice hair is always interesting :)

Life questions 

Dream job?

To work at NASA haha! I'm into a lot of other stuff besides fashion I'd say realistically to write for some kind of fashion network.

If money wasn’t a problem what would you do for a job?

I'd help people in crap situations every day

What could you not live without?

Am I allowed two things? Tea and music :) 

Dream vacation?


Favorite song right now?

Umm, I Love Myself by Kendrick Lamar 'cause it's catchy and fun but I'm also into the Foo Fighters new album.

Favorite quote?

Anything by Kurt Cobain or the Mrs Doubtfire film lol 

If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?

Everyone would have a theme tune when they walk haha

What is your opinion on the state of the earth and how we treat it? 

Oh dear where do I start. I don't think I can answer I read up on things so much, that this answer will turn into an essay! But not good, I think the world is potentially in a mess but most of us are probably unaware

There is a quote that says “every person is here for reason, everyone has a purpose”; what would you say is your purpose?

Honestly, I'm still try'na figure that one out. But I do feel I definitely have a purpose, everyone does, I just haven't found mine yet. I'm quite sensitive and caring (lol did I really just say that) so maybe my purpose is to look after people lol I really don't know

Why are we here?

I'm not sure but I think it's like a game.

What are your hobbies?

 I live for films, um, reading, walking, shopping, and bar crawling haha. 

What keeps you sane?

A quadruple shot coffee in the morning with double cream and a squirt of honey to be honest

Favorite book?

I read too many as a teen to choose

Favorite food?


Favorite animal?

 Killer Whales :)

Favorite color?

 Yellow or Red!

What/who inspires you? 

Music and film 100%. I get so engrossed. After I watch a good film that's just 10/10 in every way it'll be on my mind in the distance the next day and I'll take inspiration in some way always.

If you would be granted an hour to speak to anyone that has ever lived, who would it be?

Ahhhhh. This is so hard to answer. I think Amy Winehouse 

If you could go back and give your 13 year old self a piece of advice what would it be?

Don't be a people pleaser!

Thanks for reading :)




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