B&W Lookbook Video and The Future of my Brand

Video by Mark TB Matook

Happy Sunday :D !!!! Here is a video lookbook of my mini capsule black and white collection I made for the BOND Fashion show a few months ago, hope you guys loved it. Today has been a great day full of inspiration, so many ideas are coming my way and I feel so blessed to finally be getting clarity on what I want my brand to be, represent and encompass. I want to make my Senior Collection as EPIC as ever!!! Im sticking with the name JMAG, my brand name will be JMAG. Although Im still developing as a designer and discovering myself I know that I want my brand to make the fashion world and just the world in general a better place. In the past few years I have discovered that the fashion industry is comparable to the meat farming industry in how bad it is for the environment. This fact makes me really sad because I love fashion so much and to find out that the field I'm in is creating the issues I believe need to be eradicated brought much angst into my life and also made me question whether or not I wanted to continue pursuing my career. Obviously I am going to continue to pursue my dreams in the fashion world, but I also want to freshen the fashion world by bringing fashion that doesnt hurt but rather helps. I want a brand that helps people, animals and the environment not one that abuses people, animals and the environment. I want to create a brand that is fair and honest. I know that wanting such a brand is going to be difficult but not impossible and Im going to always put ethics first. I still have a long way to go but I want to create my brand on a foundation of honesty, fairness, love, and advancement. Now for the aesthetics of my brand I have long been battling and deciding on what i want to do and I have finally decided I want to make ready to wear clothing for the everyday person, my philosophy is bringing comfort and elegance together, functionality with a fashionable twist. Although my senior collection is just at its rough beginnings I know I want to focus on outerwear and active wear. 

Thanks for reading :) 




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