Bridal Shoot with Anna Jefferies

Photography By Anna Jefferies 
Makeup: Laura Blaikie
Dress: L’elite

Hello loves ! A few weeks back I modeled for a Bridal shoot and here are the beautiful photos. I was so excited to find out that I was going to get to model this gorgeous beaded dress and I was going to get finger waves in my hair. I also really liked the dress with the leather appliqué; you guys know I love all things leather. This was probably the funnest shoot I have done so far; just because of how glamourous I felt and looked, wish that Sareva and Laura will do my hair and make up everyday! When I started this blog it wasnt something I even thought about but modeling is a huge part of being a fashion blogger because even if its for an outfit post I still have to model. I love to be in front and behind the camera, theres just something so exhilarating for me about photoshoots and fashion productions, I literally get high of off these kind of experiences. I really love Anna's photography; these photos are gorgeous but you guys really need to check out her website she's nothing less than a photography genius ! We have some collaborating projects coming in Spring 2015 so stay tuned for more Style By Nathalia x Anna Jefferies.

Thanks for reading :)


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